The Black Chronicles

How Miseducation is destroying Black America

History is being used as a weapon against Black America


One of the most important elements that can take Black America to greater heights is being used against us, Education. The American school system has failed for hundreds of years to correctly educate Americans and students alike African American history. When we talk about African American history, we talk about American history, without African Americans America would not have the wealth it has right now and be where it is right now.

Most history books gave little or no importance to the Black man’s presence on American soil, though some of these books have some small menial details and were depicted as more or less sub-human. The American education system continuously includes derogatory statements of our African background but nothing showing the skills, abilities, contributions, or any potential in the mages of the Black man or woman. This doomed African Americans in the eyes of the world as inferior. This matter is not done without intention or planning, neglecting the African American history that is so important to American history deprives the Black child attending these American schools of their ancestors struggle, heritage and culture, reducing him to a nobody.

We are taught to subconsciously hate ourselves every day by the color of our skin, the size of our lips, and the texture of our hair, when are we ever going to fully accept ourselves for who we are and love ourselves?

The system allows our young Black youth to graduate uneducated and brainwashed into accepting white ideologies, which still governments how the majority of us live today. It all comes down to “control” at the end of the day, Black America was always taught to depend on White America rather than learning how to do something for ourselves.

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.” Carter G. Woodson

When and how will we break the cycle of educating ourselves and stop learning our own history from the same people who oppressed us and continue to do so? let us prepare and let us protect our future by making sure that we educate our youth, let us tell them how to love themselves and how they should always come first!


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